A fanlisting is an online list of fans of a subject - such as a TV show, actor, or musician - that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. The only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country.

I have run fanlistings for a myriad of subjects, from actors and bands to food items and nail polish. The invaluable experience I gained landed me a job within web design, and I am now a UX-designer & frontend-developer. is the largest web directory for fanlistings. It has been running since May 2000, and at its peak nearly 50,000 fanlistings were registered! TFL is run by volunteers, in most part young female web geeks. From 2004-2006 I was a staffer for several categories, but now I am just a regular member of the community.

TFL staff alumni

Whoa, cool! was originally started as a joint project for me and my sons, focusing on their interests and favourite subjects - Pokemon, crocodiles, and toys. As the kids grew older other hobbies took over, and for a few years the site was left "dead" with all previous content removed. In December 2015 I decided to revive the site and the fanlistings collective. My aim is to use it as an outlet for design and coding experiments. Let's see what comes of it!

I'm an aficionada

I've joined 50 fanlistings (pending approval for 3). The latest listing I joined was the fanlisting for Sherlock.

Here, you can see all the fanlistings I've joined, sorted under their appropriate TFL categories. Select the category you want to explore from the dropdown list below:

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I'm also a proper shutterbug

As you can see from some of the photos below, I love Lensbaby optics! See more of my LB-photos at my photo blog.

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